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Banc de Binary (Broker Closed)


Bank de Binary – this is one of the oldest companies in provision of trading binary options. Broker was founded in 2008 and registered in the city of Limassol, Cyprus. The company’s activity is regulated by CySEC organization. Bank de Binary is trying to find an individual approach to each client, respect his interests and wishes, and also offers a unique opportunity to to minimize risks: the minimum trading deal for opening is $1. This broker confirms its reputation with a variety of international awards, eg in 2020 and 2020 recognized as the best company in different categories.

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Banc de Binary Reviews

Scotty from Portugal

I also suffered on the site . my entire deposit was gone. As soon as I submitted a conclusion . Well, everything, like everyone . but now I have been approached by three people from different companies involved in the return of money (supposedly) and are proposing to withdraw money . they say, that accounts of the companies of swindlers are arrested and it is possible to withdraw money. They ask for transaction codes . who are either treated? ALL THIS IS IT .

Linda from Germany

Wanted to prove my market analyses skills and I chose for myself a way to do it by trading binary options. Began to earn almost immediately. Maybe ‚cause of my experience in the stock sector or my predisposition to analyze deeply everything. However, after 6 months in binary options, I earned in total more than $ 10.000. The cool thing is an opportunity to predict the outcome and it is still works!

Teothor from Faroe Islands

Binary options trading can be turned into a very intelegent and quite a good source of income. Basic knowlege in economics and fundamental analysis made my job 10 times easier. It’s as easy as it sounds: Sell when it goes down and buy, when it goes up. Only thing you need is to learn how to predict these ups and downs to be a filthy rich.

Nimit from Cameroon

That’s a cool broker. All that I’ve earned I managed to withdraw to my Qiwi wallet. So I didn’t waste my time for nothing.

Huang Wei from Afghanistan

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
  • Binarium

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!

  • FinMax

    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker.

Binary options can be considered the fastest way to make some profit. Training takes a minimum of time while the profit is not limited to your deposit. I earned my first 10k in just one month, considering that I have a serious job and trading options took me only 10-15 minutes time of my dinner-break.

Arsalan from Pakistan

It was really unusually for me even to think about binary options, but anyway I decided to try. This company is ok, it pays my money and provides withdrawal within the specified period of time. The only thing you have to be able to is to predict market activity for a definite period ;)

Matthew from United Kingdom

I have made totally sixteen requests for withdrawals and got my profit sixteen times! I think it’s an indicator of good broker, don’t you think so?

Rani Bormon from Bangladesh

Binary options is my favorite way to make money. On the one hand, it’s like in casino. But on the other, it has a very big difference. The casino always gives random numbers to different players, and on forex all brokers get same numbers at the same time. That’s why i trust in it, and, i’d say, my trust pays off 10 times.

Gavin from Azerbaijan

Some successful deals happened to me by this broker and there were more than not successful ones. The most crucial is that I gained profit according to my performance and they allowed me to withdraw my money till a single cent. I do hope on further right prognosing and profitable cooperation!

Banc De Binary Review

We think very highly of the Banc De Binary and when you take a look at their credentials and their track record we think you will agree that they are one of the best Binary Option trading sites out there, there have plenty of deposit options and when you request a cash out on your account they will always be paying you in a very timely fashion and with no delays or hassle.

Banc De Binary – Binary Options Trading

Below is an overview on some of the Binary Option types of trades you can make when you become a customer of the Banc De Binary site, be aware you may also qualify for a welcome bonus when you make your first initial deposit into the Banc De Binary site and start to trade, so look out for this offer one their website as it is a generous one!

  • High Low Binary Options – You are not going to get confused or baffled if you want to place a High Low type of Binary Option trade at Banc De Binary, these types of trades simply require you to pick any of their listed assets in the hope that you can predict that at the end of the day or time period indicated they will have increased or decreased in value
  • One Touch Binary Options – Over at the Banc De Binary site you can place what are known as one touch binary option trades, once again must like the trades above these are really easy to understand and when you place such a trade you are hoping it will touch at any given time period the price indicated on the market if it does you have won!
  • Boundary Binary Options – You are offered two prices when placing this kind of option trade and as long as the price of the asset chosen stays within those two boundaries then you will have made a winning trade and will be paid out accordingly.
  • Early Closure Binary Options – If you have made a profit during a set amount of time when making any trade but are still waiting for the time limit to expire on that trade you may wish to take an early closure, when you do this you are paid out a percentage of the winning trade amount for leaving the trade early, which is ideal if you want to lock in a guaranteed profit!

Banc De Binary Deposit and Withdrawal Options

You can make both deposits and withdrawals at the Banc De Binary using any of the methods listed below.

  • Credit Cards – All major credit cards are accepted at the Banc De Binary and all deposits are processed instantly so you will not be hanging around waiting to start trading!
  • Skrill – One handy way for you to both be able to fund your Banc De Binary trading account whilst at the same time have a way to speedily get your hands on all of your withdrawals is for you to use a Skrill web wallet account. These types of web wallets are extremely handy for when you want to keep all of your trading funds in one place away from your day to day bank account, so make sure that you consider using the services of Skrill at Banc De Binary.
  • Wire Transfer – You can of course fund your Banc De Binary account by sending over a bank wire, you will find all of the details of which bank and account number to send the funds to on the banking interface found listed on your Banc De Binary account, this is a very cost effective way of sending funds by the way!
  • Money Gram – There are a couple of money transfer companies which are accepted at the Banc De Binary site and the first of the is Money Gram, simply visit any Money Gram agent and send the funds and once received it will be credited to your account.
  • Western Union – The second and just as commonly used money transfer service that is an accepted way of funding your Banc De Binary account is Western Union, so if you are looking for a way of funding your account then consider using this one.

Banc De Binary Forex Currency Trading

You will be able to trade currency options at the Banc De Binary as they have the entire major world currencies tied up in pairings, so if this is the type of trading you wish to get stuck into then the Banc De Binary is certainly worth a visit.

Banc De Binary

Banc de Binary have closed and are no longer trading. This broker is no longer accepting new customers.

The sales method known as “upselling” has ultimately damaged their reputation and business. Brokers operating similar models will hopefully take heed and provide higher levels of customer service in order to run sustainable operations.

Return to the broker comparison table to search for an alternative broker.

Banc de binary ‘eu’ are one of the largest binary options brokers in the world. Their global brand name is what sets them apart from other rival trading brokers. They provide binary options in 180+ assets in over 30 countries. They cater for traders in more than 80 different countries around the world. Their mission statement is “simplicity pays“, and that tagline is central to the business.


Banc de binary still pride themselves on their customer service, despite their growth since 2008. From one to one tuition to video tutorials and e-books, Banc de binary offer as much help as a trader requests. Complaints about the firm however, stem from account managers who encourage large deposits, and often over trade, or suggest clients to. As ever in binary options, it is always best to trade yourself. Never let anyone trade on your behalf.

Here are some of the other key details;

  • Demo Account – No
  • Bonus details – Up to 100%.
  • Minimum Deposit – $250
  • Minimum trade – $1
  • Signals service – Yes. This forms part of Silver or Gold account packages.
  • Mobile App – Yes. Android and iOS.

Trading platform

The Banc de Binary platform offers a fast, user-friendly method of trading options. Spot Option backed, the trading area delivers clear layout, all the key data can be easily found.
The top of the trading platform is where traders can select the asset, the expiry time they wish ti use, and the size of their trade. Updating these will change the price graph, and trading buttons with the up to date data for that asset and expiry. Changing the trade amount updates the ‘projected payout’ figure too.

Under the trade selection bar is the main price graph. This can be changed to reflect different time periods, with options of 30 minutes up to 12 hours offered. To the right are the trading buttons and key trade details. The current price, and payout, the expiry countdown and the call and put buttons (clearly marked). The trading area is very intuitive. The final feature is a trader sentiment bar

The trading platform provides a clean, organised area.

Who regulates Banc de Binary?

Banc de Binary are regulated by CySEC (License 188/13). They are also registered with a number of other organisation including the AML in France and the FCA in the UK. They are not regulated by those bodies however, merely registered with them, which is not the same thing. Any trader disputes would need to be taken up with CySec.

Trading range

The firm offer a good selection of binary option types.

  • Binary Options – The traditional Up/Down options. Will the asset rise in value, or fall?
  • 60 Seconds – The 60 second options work in the same way as a standard binary option, but the expiry times are very short – 60 seconds or less.
  • Pairs – Which of two assets will rise in value most? The pairs of assets will generally be in the same asset category, for example Google versus Amazon, or Gold versus silver.
  • Long term – Long term options follow the same principals as standard binary options – but the expiry periods are over long time frames. Anything over ‘end of day’ expiries are classed as long term.

The assets lists are very big, and it is a clear strength of being a global brand. They also command a large share of trading volume, which means their large asset list is also available to trade. Some smaller brokers may list certain assets, but then not be able to open them due to a lack of volume


When Banc de Binary generate complaints, it generally revolves around the practice of ‘upselling’. This is where an account manager from the firm, will contact a client and offer them advice. This advice can often lead to large deposits, and pressure on the client to trade beyond their means. It very rarely ends up profitable for the trader – much the opposite.

The brand offer a good trading platform and educational materials, but traders must beware of any account managers and ensure they take responsibility for their own trading. Never let anyone else trade on your behalf. As an ‘over the counter’ broker, there is a clear conflict of interest where anyone from the firm offers to trade for you.


Banc de binary offer a free mobile trading app. Delivering full access to all areas of the full website, so traders can trade on the move and ensure no trading opportunities are missed.

The app is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and android. The trading area appears more or less the same as it does on the web based platform.

Live charts are also available via the mobile app, designed thoughtfully for smartphones and tablets. A responsive design means the charts display well regardless of the device used. Account management features are also available on the app.

The mobile app delivers a great user experience and is fully functional.

Payout Percentages

Returns are 86% on most options. Payouts will vary depending on the asset and the expiry time of the trade. The percentage may also move depending on trade volume. The returns on the more popular assets are good compared to their rivals. Payout comparison can sometimes prove difficult, but BdB do pay a fairly consistent level across all assets.


Deposits at Banc de Binary are secure and robust. There is a deposit option on the right of the login area, visible once a user logs in. Once confirmed, deposits are available to trade immediately. There are a variety of deposit methods to choose from – credit card, bank wire transfer (international or domestic) and Skrill. Any withdrawals are generally returned via the same route that a deposit was made. This is a common policy throughout binary options brokers, and is a measure against laundering.

Withdrawals can be made anytime, but there is a minimum withdrawal figure of $50. The broker will always require some proof of identity before authorising any withdrawal, again this policy is fairly common with binary firms. These delays are sometimes the cause for disputes, so proof of ID is best sorted out as quickly as possible after opening an account.

Withdrawal authorisation will require;

  • A form of photo ID (driving license for example),
  • A recent utility bill.

Both documents will need to show the address of the trader. Once received, withdrawals will then become. When using a credit card to deposit funds, Banc de Binary need an image of the card (both sides). These steps are required by the regulator in order to protect traders, and to ensure their funds are separated and protected.

Withdrawals should be sent out in 5 working days. There is no charge or fee for any withdrawals. ‘Pending’ status withdrawals can also be cancelled, this is useful if funds are needed for trading again.

Account Benefits

Banc de Binary delivers these additional features and benefits:

  • International reach – Banc de Binary offers trading to over 100 countries, and lists assets from over 30.
  • 24/7 trading – Where markets are open, the trading platform will be open.
  • Loyalty rewards – The firm offer a number of loyalty rewards to regular traders after sign up.
  • Account Types – There are four levels of login account; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Lion Premium. Each level offers further benefits including gifts, trading alerts and private sessions with analysts.

How do they make money?

Banc de Binary offer ‘Over the counter’ binary options, and are the counter party to each trade. If they have traders on each side of any trade, they will profit regardless of the outcome due to the payout being less than 100% to the winner. Where the trade is not covered on both sides, BdB will effectively only profit when the trade loses.

Banc de Binary demo account?

At present Banc de Binary do not currently offer a demo account. They are one of only a few major brokers who do not offer such a service, so we hope they will reconsider this policy soon.

Are Banc de Binary a Scam?

While the brand is not a scam, the process of ‘upselling’ has damaged their reputation. This is where account managers contact clients in order to encourage larger deposits and more trades. This advice is generally not in the best interest of the trader.

This type of behaviour is rare, but traders should be aware of the risk, so that should they receive such a call, they can say “No thanks”.

The withdrawals and trading platform both generate very few complaints, so if the firm were able to stop this practise of upselling, their reputation could be restored.

Banc De Binary отзывы

Banc de Binary официальный сайт является одним из самых старейших брокеров. Проект, основанный в 2008 году, принадлежит и управляется Banc De Binary Ltd., компанией, регулируемой Комиссией по ценным бумагам и биржам острова Кипр под номером лицензии 188/13 (с 07.01.2020).

При первом посещении сайта возникает ощущение некого беспорядка: много информации, много ссылок и раздражающие всплывающие сообщения «Живой поддержки», закрывающие собой большую часть экрана прямо посередине. Это абсолютно бессмысленно, ведь каждый может и сам найти кнопку поддержки при надобности.

Если не учитывать это неудобство, платформа на основе Spot Option проста в пользовании и обладает достаточным количеством функций как для новичков, так и для опытных трейдеров. Не нужно загружать и устанавливать никакие программы, все доступно через браузер – это отличительная положительная черта трейдинговой платформы Spot Option.

Платформа предлагает функциональный построитель опционных уровней, 60-секундный трейдинг, трейдинг в одно касание и возможность возвратов от 70 до 91%.

Тем не менее, возврат в 91% — редкость, это, скорее, маркетинговый ход. В среднем возвраты составляют около 72%, что обычно для этой индустрии.

Платформа Банк де Бинари предлагает дифференцированные аккаунты. Иначе говоря, чем больше денег вы вносите, тем больше преимуществ у вас будет. Минимальный аккаунт называется Micro Silver и требует первоначальный взнос в 250 долларов. Для сравнения, первоначальный вклад для VIP аккаунта «Lions Club» составляет 50,000 долларов. При этом выгоды, предлагаемые для VIP аккаунтов, некоторыми другими бинарными брокерами из рейтинга предлагаются и для стандартных счетов.

Если ваш депозит превышает 100,000 долларов (да, это огромная сумма), к вам действительно относятся как к королю: например, вы получаете личного помощника для осуществления звонков, бронирования, заказа подарков и прочего… И многие другие преимущества. Вы даже можете попросить компанию помочь вам попасть в список гостей какого-либо события или достать билет. Все это, конечно, сказочно, но, будем честными, мало у кого найдется 100 тысяч на инвестирование в бинарные опционы.

В общем, Банк де Бинари сайт фокусируется в первую очередь на крупных клиентах, и если вы из таких, то этот брокер для вас. В противном случае, вам стоит поискать другого брокера, более подходящего для ваших потребностей и финансового положения.

Банк де Бинари это обман?

С одной стороны, движется в направлении европейского регулирования: регулируется FCA, и другими брендами, получившими регулирование CySec. С другой стороны, из надежных источников известно, что у banc de binary возникали проблемы с властями США.


Жалоб на Banc De Binary обнаружено довольно мало. Причем зачастую они исходят от неумелых трейдеров. Как бы то ни было, внимательно отнеситесь к своей безопасности и выбирайте брокера с умом. Написать о Banc de Binary отзывы Вы можете в самому низу представленного обзора.

Для минимального депозита (250 долларов) Промо доходит до 50%, а ставка должна составлять 20-кратный размер бонуса + сумму вклада. Эти показатели являются средними для отрасли, однако, для всех остальных типов счетов бонус доходит до 100%.

Впрочем, промо-акции приносят больше проблем, чем пользы, так что это нельзя считать преимуществом. Основная проблема бонусов в том, что вы не можете их снять, пока не осуществится требуемый оборот, и чем больше бонус, тем больше трейдингового времени уйдет до вывода средств.

Минимальная сумма вывода составляет 100 долларов. Заявка на вывод средств обычно обрабатывается Банк де Бинари в течение 2 рабочих дней, но деньги появятся на вашем счету не сразу. Banc De Binary com не взимает никаких комиссий, но ваш банковский или платежный сервис может взимать плату в соответствии со своей политикой. Доступные способы вывода средств включают кредитные/дебетовые карты, банковский перевод, MoneyBookers и AlertPay.

Тот факт, что банк де бинари имеет дополнительный веб-сайт сосредоточенный, главным образом, на образовательном материале, безусловно, является его отличительной чертой.

Удобство пользования 8/10

Веб-сайт предлагается на 9 языках. Платформа Spot Option 2.0 известна своим удобством. Единственный недостаток – постоянно появляющиеся всплывающие сообщения.

Количество активов и время окончания 7/10

Ассортимент торговых активов состоит из 40 акций, 12 валютных пар, 8 товаров и 20 индексов, что является достаточным для среднего трейдера. Впрочем, вы, возможно, не найдете искомый вами актив. Доступны все стандартные времена окончания опциона, в том числе 60 секунд, одно касание и построитель опционных уровней, позволяющий вам самим выбирать время окончания.

Комиссия, поддержка и возвраты 7/10

Комиссии за пополнение счета нет, но если вы захотите снять с него деньги, не проведя никаких сделок, с вас будет снято до 7% комиссии. Во всех других случаях банк де бинари не взимает плату за вывод средств, но это не исключает расходы в связи с банковскими переводами или другими методами вывода средств.

Сотрудники службы поддержки довольно отзывчивы и вежливы, но все же им есть куда совершенствоваться. Согласно заявлениям сайта, возврат достигает 91%, но на самом деле в среднем составляет 72%, а для некоторых активов – до 82%. Возврат в случае нецелесообразности реализации опциона не предусмотрен.

Пополнение, вывод средств и бонусы 7/10

Минимальная сумма пополнения составляет 250 долларов. Для пополнения можно использовать кредитные карты, банковский перевод, MoneyBookers или AlertPay. Вывод средств из Banc De Binary должен осуществляться тем же способом, что и пополнение (то есть, если вы пополнили счет картой, деньги выводить вы можете только на эту же карту).

Бонус для счета типа Micro Silver (депозит для данного типа аккаунта составляет от 250 до 2500 долларов) составляет до 50%, а для всех остальные типов аккаунтов промо составляет 100%. Трейдер имеет право вообще не принимать призы и поощрения.

Дополнительный функционал сайта 6/10

Дополнительной функцией этого брокера является… Дополнительный сайт с учебными материалами. Это довольно хорошая идея, но доступ к этому сайту можно было бы сделать проще.

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
  • Binarium

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!

  • FinMax

    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker.

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