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Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription – 12 things to know

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Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription was launched by Amazon in July 2020. Since that time, the catalog of Kindle Unlimited eligible books has grown from 640 thousand to over 1.4 million.

In the handy list below, you’ll find benefits and disadvantages of Kindle Unlimited, so that you can make up your mind whether this service is for you.

Kindle Unlimited, just like other ebook subscription services, is suitable for avid readers. However, “how many books can I read per month?” is not the right question. The right question you should ask yourself is “how many of the offered books would I be willing to read?”

When narrowing down the list to favorite books only, the word “unlimited”, meaning the endless choice of titles to read per month, may become questionable.

Besides the choice of titles, there are some other limitations of Kindle Unlimited, so let’s take a closer look at them.

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Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription – things to know

1. Kindle Unlimited offers 1.4 million titles

At launch, Kindle Unlimited offered the biggest number of titles among ebook subscription services, around 640 thousand. At that time the competitors, such as Oyster or Scribd, claimed their catalogs included over 1 million titles.

The landscape of ebook subscription is changing fast. It turns out Kindle Unlimited – which heavily relies on titles published within the Amazon publishing ecosystem – gets stronger and stronger while the future of other services is not so clear. For instance, Oyster ebook subscription platform was closed in autumn 2020.

The number of books included in other ebook subscription services is claimed by respective companies, and there is no way to verify it until you sign up. At the time of launch, Scribd ebook subscription claimed over 1 million titles. Nowadays, in Scribd’s help pages, we can read the catalog includes about 150 thousand titles.

On the contrary, you can easily explore the catalog of Kindle Unlimited eligible books without the need to subscribe.

Currently, the Kindle Unlimited catalog includes:

  • 1.4 million Kindle ebooks in all categories,
  • almost 20 thousand come with Audible Narration – you can seamlessly switch between reading and listening,
  • over 900 thousand have Word Wise enabled – short definitions can be displayed inline above difficult words,
  • 1 thousand of these ebooks are also Prime Reading eligible. It means they are available for free to Amazon Prime members – maybe getting Prime is enough for your reading preferences.

How does 1.4 million compare to other Kindle Store numbers?

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The total number of Kindle ebooks offered by Amazon is currently over 3.7 million. Therefore, Kindle Unlimited represents 38% of the entire Kindle Store catalog.

What you’ll need to know is that only about 40-50 thousand Kindle Unlimited books are not exclusive to the Kindle Store.

What does it mean? There are three factors we have to take into consideration:

  • Kindle Unlimited service is populated by books from Amazon’s self-publishing platform; most authors agree to sell the books exclusively on Amazon to participate in a special promotion program,
  • most of the books published by Amazon’s own imprints, like Thomas & Mercer or Montlake, are sold only on Amazon website,
  • many books from big publishers, hot new releases and big bestsellers, are not available via Kindle Unlimited.

2. You won’t find too many bestsellers

As I mentioned above, major publishers are still not interested in Amazon’s ebook subscription platform.

You won’t find books from Hachette, MacMillan, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Penguin.

If you want to save money on the hottest bestsellers by picking up Kindle Unlimited, make sure to check out the titles you want to read. Don’t expect to find books from Harper Lee, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King, Dan Brown, or Nora Roberts.

In fact, when you go through the list of the New York Times bestsellers in the Kindle Store, you’ll find few books that are included in Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription.

Other ebook subscription services are not packed with top bestsellers or hot new releases, either. However, Scribd offers books from HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, or Macmillan.

3. Most of Kindle Unlimited books cost $4.99 or less

The most common reason to sign up to an ebook subscription is saving money.

A very clear point of reference is a possibility of reading a $12.99 ebook for $9.99. Instead of buying this book you get it via Kindle Unlimited. The service pays off already when you read one book a month.

Well, this happens only in theory. Most of the bestsellers released by big publishers, and priced above $10, are excluded from Kindle Unlimited.

Instead, you can expect lots of titles that cost between $0.99 and $4.99. As I already said, Kindle Unlimited is populated by titles published within Amazon ecosystem in two ways:

  • published by authors via KDP self-publishing platform,
  • pubilshed by one of several Amazon imprints.

Most of these books have very reasonable prices. Books more expensive than $5 are quite rare.

The fact the book was self-published doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading. Just the opposite. A lot of self-published titles are Kindle bestsellers

If you consider the price a major advantage, let’s make some calculations.

To make Kindle Unlimited a money-saving machine, you’ll have to read:

  • at least one $9.99 book a month,
  • at least two $4.99 books a month,
  • three or more $2.99 books per month,
  • ten on more $0.99 books per month.

4. Kindle Unlimited is not “Prime Unlimited”

Many users confuse Kindle Unlimited with Prime.

It’s because both services are offered by Amazon, and both are subscription based.

What’s more, some of the benefits offered for Prime members give also an unlimited access to digital content, naming only Prime Instant Video or Prime Music.

  • borrow books from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library,
  • get free access to Prime Reading,
  • get Kindle First ebook for free,
  • Get free access to Audible Channels.

The most recognized service that comes with Prime is Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Prime members can borrow one Kindle book per month from a catalog that’s quite similar to Kindle Unlimited.

One book per month. It’s clear that KOLL is addressed to occasional rather than avid readers. For more info, check out our comparison of Kindle Unlimited vs. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

But things change. In October 2020, Prime Reading was introduced, letting Prime members access a rotating selection of ebooks, comic books, and magazines. The access is unlimited, and you get all the most attractive items you can find in the entire Kindle Store.

As you see, Kindle Unlimited and Prime have many common points, but they are separate subscriptions. Let’s clarify what are they about in the comparison table below:

Kindle Unlimited vs. Amazon Prime

Kindle Unlimited Amazon Prime
Type of service Digital subscription Multi-benefit subscription
What you get • Unlimited access to 1.4 million ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines • 20 million physical items with free two-day shipping
• 1.5 million songs free to listen and download
• 1.4 million books to borrow from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
• 20 thousand movies and TV series free to watch
• Free access to 1,000 items in Prime Reading
• Audio Channels for free
• Prime Early Access deals
• and more
Subscription plan $9.99/month $10.99/month

5. Kindle Unlimited gives access to books, audiobooks, and magazines

If you’ve read the table above carefully, you’ve probably noticed something that’s very important. With Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read for free not only Kindle ebooks, but also popular magazines, as well as listen to audiobooks.

Kindle Unlimited started and ebook-only subscription service. But the service evolves with time, reflecting the new features being added to Kindle ebooks.

One of them is Audible Narration. It’s an extra feature of some titles available in the Kindle Store. For an extra cost (usually no more than $4) you can add to the Kindle book you’ve bought the ability to seamlessly switch to audio narration and backward. In short: you can turn the book you read into an audiobook.

Kindle Unlimited subscribers have this feature at no extra cost. Currently, there are about 20 thousand Kindle Unlimited books with Audible Narration.

In autumn 2020 Amazon has added also the selection of popular magazines to the list of eligible Kindle Unlimited titles.

It means that with your Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read current magazine issues for free. So far, reading digital editions of magazines and newspapers was possible if you signed up to a separate Kindle Newsstand subscription.

The list of Kindle Unlimted magazines includes, among others: GQ, National Geographic Traveller, People, Shape, Bon Appétit, or Bloomberg Businessweek.

6. How to find Kindle Unlimited books

Amazon is so crowded with features, categories, and dedicated subpages that it’s getting really hard to find books in special categories.

However, it’s good to spend some time to test Kindle Unlimited eligibility against the books on your wishlist. Assuming that the book will be available via Kindle Unlimited, especially when you want a bestseller, can be a source of a big disappointment.

There is no way to check out on a page with a Kindle book details whether this book is included in Kindle Unlimited or not.

There are two ways to find Kindle Unlimited eligible books on Amazon:

  1. Start browsing from the Kindle Unlimited home page,
  2. Browse Kindle Store with Kindle Unlimited filter turned on,

1. Browse Kindle Unlimited home page

If you go straight to Kindle Unlimited home page, you’ll see a couple of featured sections, followed by the entire catalog of the KU eligible books.

Currently, the featured sections are:

  • popular titles,
  • popular romance,
  • popular club picks,
  • popular biographies.

When you scroll down, you’ll see the entire catalog, sorted by featured titles. “Featured” means that a book was hand-picked by editors, based on a sales popularity, number of positive reviews, and a quality of the book.

You can change the sort order to price, average customer review, and publication date. Relying on customer reviews is a good way to find good reads, especially if you haven’t heard about the books and their authors before.

You can narrow down the list of books by selecting one of the categories from the left-hand sidebar.

2. Browse Kindle Store with the Kindle Unlimited filter turned on

Even when you don’t go directly to the Kindle Unlimited home page, you can still narrow down the search results to books that are included in the subscription service.

When browsing Kindle Store, look for the Kindle Unlimited Eligible check box on the left. It usually comes as a first filter option in the left sidebar.

When you use a search box to find the book you like, for instance, Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee, and check KU eligibility box, you’ll see the book disappear from the search results. It means it’s not available via Kindle Unlimited.

7. Kindle Unlimited is available in selected countries

Kindle Unlimited was launched on as a service addressed to U.S. customers only.

It’s now also available in localized Kindle Stores in selected countries. Here are the Amazon stores and monthly fees. The data was collected in October 2020.

Kindle Unlimited countries

Amazon store Country Monthly fee United States (U.S. customers only) USD 9.99 United Kingdom GBP 7.99 Canada CND 9.99 Germany EUR 9.99 France EUR 9.99 Italy EUR 9.99 Spain EUR 9.99 Brazil BRL 19.90 Mexico MXN 129 India INR 99 Japan JPY 980 Australia AUD 13.99

What you have to keep in mind is that international customers of are not eligible to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon offers over 10 million goods to foreign customers. Kindle books and devices sell to over 180 countries from around the world. Why there is such a restriction with Kindle Unlimited?

Sure, there are legal issues. However, most Kindle Unlimited eligible books, especially the ones from KDP self-publishing platform, are sold worldwide.

Why can’t they become available globally via Kindle Unlimited? The basic fix is to add a Kindle Unlimited opt-in check box for self-published authors in their KDP dashboard.

Sure, the number of Kindle Unlimited books available outside the US will be smaller. However, it’s still much more than any of the local ebook platforms could offer.

If Scribd can offer a global ebook subscription, why Amazon can’t?

8. You can keep up to 10 Kindle Unlimited titles at a time

Don’t think of packing your Kindle with hundreds of Kindle Unlimited books, or making extensive collections from them.

You can only keep up to 10 books from Kindle Unlimited in your account at a time.

Other ebook subscription platforms also have such limits. For instance, Scribd has a limit of 20 books.

While this limitation is against the “unlimited” selling proposal of the service, I understand it. When you pack your Kindle with 500 books, you won’t be able to read them at once, anyway.

There is one disadvantage, however. 10-book limit is too low. It’s below the number of books many readers have in different stages of reading.

9. The books will be gone when you cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription

Getting too many KU books to the Kindle e-reader or application can be a waste of time because if you don’t read them they will be gone when you cancel your subscription.

Some users try to outsmart the Amazon and think they could load lots of Kindle Unlimited books to their e-reader, then cancel the subscription, but keep the books.

It won’t happen. When you cancel the Kindle Unlimited subscription the books will be automatically removed from your Kindle library the moment your device connects with the web and sync content with Amazon servers.

Even if you deregister the device from your Kindle account, the maximum number or books to have at a time is 10, so it doesn’t pay in the end, anyway.

10. Bookmarks, notes, and highlights will be kept after cancelation

All Kindle Unlimited books behave like any other Kindle books.

You can add bookmarks and notes, as well as highlight passages. Progress, bookmarks, notes, and highlights will be synced between all your Kindle devices and apps.

As you can cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription at any time, the big question is: will everything get lost? No. Amazon promises to keep your bookmarks, notes, and highlights:

After the billing date passes, you will lose access to Kindle Unlimited books that you have downloaded. However, your bookmarks, notes, and highlights within the book will be saved to your Amazon account. They are available if you access the book in the future.

The last sentence may suggest you’ll have to renew the subscription or buy a particular book to get access to bookmarks.

However, I believe, all the bookmarks and notes will be kept in your Kindle account, available online at after you sign in.

11. Kindle Unlimited works on Kindle devices and apps

Finally, a good news. Unlike Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, you don’t need to own an Amazon device (Kindle e-reader or Fire tablet) to make use of Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription.

Any Kindle application works with the Amazon’s ebook subscription service. Kindle for iPhone/iPad, Kindle for Android, Kindle for PC and Mac – you can use them right away to access your Kindle Unlimited books.

However, browsing for Kindle Unlimited books is only supported on Kindle devices, Kindle for Android, and Kindle for Samsung. On other devices, you’ll have to use a browser, and visit Amazon site.

12. You can gift Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is offered as a minthly subscription, and many users wonder whether it’s possible to gift it to someone else.

Yes it’s possible. Amazon has a special solution for this – you can buy a longer subscription plan, and send it as an email. Quite similar to Amazon gift cards.

Instead of visiting the regular sign-up page, go to Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription.

Currently, you can choose from three Kindle Unlimited plans:

  • 6 months – $9.99 × 6 = $59.94,
  • 12 months – $9.99 × 12 = $119.88,
  • 24 months – $9.99 × 24 = $239.76,

When you hit “Add Kindle Unlimited to Cart” button, you will go through the checkout process where you’ll be asked to write down the email address of the recipient. You can also set up the day of the delivery of the Kindle Unlimited gift.

The recipient will receive the gift on the day you choose and can start Kindle Unlimited membership immediately.

12. You can save big on Kindle Unlimited if you wait for the deal

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly-based subscription and you shouldn’t expect the fee to go down anytime soon.

However, if you want to save on the service, you can wait for the deal. Amazon was running Kindle Unlimited promotions during:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday – November/December
  • Amazon Prime Day – July

Every time the deal was tied to a change of a payment period. The longer the plan, the bigger the discount. Here are Kindle Unlimited plans offered for Cyber Monday 2020:

  • 6 months – $44.95 $59.94 – you save 25%,
  • 12 months – $80.32 $119.88 – you save 33%,
  • 24 months – $143.85 $239.76 – you save 40%.

So, the biggest 40% discount is applied when you decide to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for 24 months.

Please keep in mind that if you take part in the promotion like that, and, for instance, buy the 12-month plan, you won’t get a refund for 11 months if you decide to end the subscription in the first month.

Below, there are some useful resources that will let you further explore Kindle Unlimited before signing up for the free trial.

  • free Kindle reading apps – you’ll be able to read Kindle Unlimited books on them; Kindle e-reader or Amazon Fire tablet is not needed,
  • how to download a Kindle Unlimited book – a step-by-step guide on how to get an eligible book to your Kindle app,
  • Kindle Unlimited: manage your subscription – you’ll learn here how to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription,
  • send Kindle Unlimited as a gift – from this page you will be able to buy Kindle Unlimited as a gift and send it to the recipient,
  • Kindle Unlimited Made Easy – a $0.99 book by Clive Alden, an unofficial tutorial to better understand Amazon’s ebook subscription
  • Kindle Unlimited help – most important topics for the subscribers, including termination terms, gifting, and audiobooks.

To get more guides like this one, please subscribe to Ebook Friendly by RSS or email. Let’s also connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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The best Kindles in 2020

By Henry T. Casey 17 March 2020

These are the best Kindles and e-readers you can buy based on our testing.

What’s the best Kindle for you? We tested reams of Kindles and competitors, and looked for the best mix of screen resolution, portability and durability to pick the best Kindles (and other e-readers). Not surprisingly, Amazon’s Kindles have come to dominate the market.

Still, readers have a few choices. The best Kindle overall is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It costs $130, has a sharp 6-inch, 300-ppi backlit display, 8GB of storage, and can withstand a dunk in the water.

Amazon wasn’t the first company to release an E Ink e-reader (that was Sony, which launched the Librie in 2004), but when the first Kindle was released in 2007, it sold out in five hours. That initial success was likely due to Amazon’s huge library of e-content.

We’ve pulled together the best e-book reader apps, but since your phone or tablet’s screen is probably harsher on your eyes than an e-ink-based e-reader is, you’ll probably want to check out these picks.

What are the best Kindles and e-readers?

The best Kindle overall is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, and it’s right for most users, without a doubt. It costs $130, sports a sharp 6-inch, 300-ppi backlit display, packs 8GB of storage and can withstand a dunk in the water.

We would love the Paperwhite if it were a little more affordable, but it’s plain to see that it’s the optimal device for reading in any condition. No matter if your vacation is in the sun or shade, or if you’re just on a day trip at the beach, or consuming a gripping page-turner in the bath.

The best Kindle under $100 is the Amazon Kindle (2020), which at $90 has display lighting and the same size screen, but half the resolution and half the storage. That being said, its design is nothing to scoff at, as it’s easy to use whilst perusing the Amazon store. Read on to find out which is the best Kindle for you.

The best Kindles you can buy today

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2020)

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2020)

The best Kindle overall

Resolution (Pixels Per Inch): 300 | Dimensions (Inches): 6.6 x 4.6 x 0.3 | Weight (Ounces): 6.4 | Claimed Battery Life: 6 weeks | Physical Page-Turn Buttons: No | Built-In Light: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes, IPX8 | Screen Size (Inches): 6

In terms of bang for your buck, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite reigns supreme as the flat-out best Kindle. Not only is its display still a crisp 300-ppi panel supported by solid backlighting, but it also offers waterproof (IPX8-rated) protection and 8GB of storage.

Its 6-inch screen is pretty much the standard for the industry, and we appreciated its even backlighting, an improvement over previous models which don’t look as fully lit when you’re reading a book at night. Another design change we appreciate is how its screen is set flush with the bezel, ditching the awkward design that looks even chunkier.

The device costs a little more than half as much as the $250 Kindle Oasis, coming in at $129. It’s also thinner and lighter than the third-gen Paperwhite, and its display is more flush to its body. While the Paperwhite is not the best Kindle ever (that’s still the Oasis), you get more for your money with this model.

Our testing of the Paperwhite included a 20 minute bath in our dunk-tank, and it worked perfectly fine the second it came out. It’s rated to last another 40 minutes, but who leaves a Kindle underwater for a whole hour?

Amazon Kindle (2020)

2. Amazon Kindle (2020)

Best Kindle for those on a budget

Resolution (Pixels Per Inch): 167 | Dimensions (Inches): 6.3 x 4.5 x 0.3 | Weight (Ounces): 6.1 | Claimed Battery Life: 4 weeks | Physical Page-Turn Buttons: No | Built-In Light: Yes | Water Resistance: No | Screen Size (Inches): 6

Rather spend your money on more books? The cheapest Kindle e-reader is $89, and a new perk makes it more interesting for bookworms on tight budgets. This E Ink device is lightweight and easy to use for hours, and its chassis is no weaker than that of our top pick, the Paperwhite. The regular Kindle also has a touch-screen display, and those ensconced in the Amazon ecosystem can benefit from Goodreads integration and FreeTime Unlimited.

The Kindle’s front-facing lighting finally brings it closer to parity with the Paperwhite. We’re guessing most bookworms also like to read in the dark and may not want to disturb a sleeping partner by turning on a bedroom light. Overall, this is the best Kindle for those on a budget, as well as those voracious readers who would rather spend on books themselves, and not hardware. Now that some folks are moving from physical books, these things don’t grow on trees anymore.

2020 Kindle Kids Edition (Image credit: Future)

3. Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

Best Kindle for kids

Resolution (Pixels Per Inch): 167 | Dimensions (Inches): 6.3 x 4.5 x 0.5 | Weight (Ounces): 10.2 | Claimed Battery Life: 4 weeks | Physical Page-Turn Buttons: No | Built-In Light: Yes | Water Resistance: No | Screen Size (Inches): 6

Amazon’s latest Kindle improves on the $90 Kindle by adding what’s missing and chipping away at the cruft that fills up a regular Kindle. Kids will like it for the colored cases, while parents will love Amazon’s 2-year no-questions-asked warranty. Even better, there are no lock screen ads. In fact, the Kids Edition is so close to our ideal Kindle interface, we wish Amazon would offer it as a mode for adults who just want to read the book, and not dabble in the Goodreads community.

Otherwise, the Kindle Kids Edition is the same tablet as the 2020 Kindle. You get the same 6-inch, 167 ppi display and front lighting, and the display is still inset, not flush with the frame. Oh and it’s even got helpful vocabulary building tools and a free year (a $60 value) of Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited, which has thousands of titles.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2020) (Image credit: Future)

4. Amazon Kindle Oasis (2020)

Best premium Kindle

Resolution (Pixels Per Inch): 300 | Dimensions (Inches): 6.3 x 5.6 x 0.13-0.33 | Weight (Ounces): 6.6 | Claimed Battery Life: 6 weeks | Physical Page Turn Buttons: Yes | Built-In Light: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes, IPX8 | Screen Size (Inches): 7

The new Kindle Oasis still offers Amazon’s most luxurious reading experience, with its machined aluminum back, larger screen, physical buttons, automatic lighting adjustments and very well-lit screen (using 25 LEDs) — screams „first class.“ Its Oasis moniker is earned from its IPX8-rated water resistance, which allows it to survive hour-long baths. The device also supports Audible’s audiobooks, as long as you’ve got a Bluetooth device handy.

The Oasis’s curved back and physical buttons give you an easier way to get a grip and a way to read your book without tapping the screen. While the Oasis is the best Kindle for those who can splurge, we just wish it didn’t cost nearly twice as much as the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s the Kindle with more effort put into its design, losing the simple and utilitarian aesthetic of the regular Kindle and the Paperwhite.

How to choose the best Kindle for you

Let’s start with your budget, as that’s the easiest way to make this call. If you’re running tight right now, the $90 Kindle is a solid recommendation. Its lighting is good enough for a handful of situations and its battery life is nothing to sneeze at.

If money is no option, then you’re going to be choosing between the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis, and this is sort of tough. If you prefer your devices to be built with a harder plastic, that still feels reliable, then you’ve probably got the Paperwhite in mind. It offers the same water resistance as the Oasis, and is similar in many regards.

But if you’re tired of futzing with menus, and changing brightness, you will probably want the Kindle Oasis. Its display automatically adjusts to ambient lighting situations, maybe its best unique feature overall — as its metallic, not-symmetrical design is a bit divisive in our office.

How we test Kindles and e-readers

In addition to evaluating e-readers‘ size, weight, claimed battery life and design choices, we test their brightness using our light meter. The experience of reading on the device also plays a huge role in these reviews. For instance, we look at the intuitiveness of the interface, the size of the available library and how well the special features (such as web browsers or dictionaries) work. We also track how many hours we spent reading on the Kindle, and the percentage of remaining battery life, and compare that against the company’s estimations.

And then, naturally, we read and read and read. At home, on the bus, in the park and anywhere else where the lighting changes. We even drop water-proof Kindles into our makeshift dunk tank, and watch as they survive — the first time it was surprising, and now it’s become something we expect. Lastly, we try and see if Amazon’s changed anything about how Kindles work with public libraries. It’s the one thing we prefer about competitors.

The best Amazon Kindle deals for April 2020

Get a stunning deal on a new Kindle now with these deals

Fancy a premium ebook reader? Then you’re going to be very interested in the best Amazon Kindle deals page that we’ve put together for you right here.

Every day we’re busy checking the cheapest prices on every Kindle model, from all across the web (including Amazon’s own prices). If you want to head straight to the official page then just follow this link to the full Amazon Kindle range.

Whether you’re interested in the standard Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Voyage or the super-cool Kindle Oasis, we’ve got deals to make the purchase as easy on your finances as possible.

If you’re looking for something a little more media-intensive, with a colour screen and a choice of apps, check out our best Amazon Fire tablet deals page.

How to buy the best Amazon Kindle for you

The main benefit for purchasing a Kindle, over using the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, is the reduced glare of the screen. The lack of glass on the Kindle prevents screen reflection, allowing you to enjoy reading anywhere.

Plus, because the Kindle ereaders don’t have LCD screens or powerful internal components, they’re a lot cheaper than tablets and phones. As an added bonus, the battery is going to last you a lot longer too.

If you’re looking for a standard Kindle you can usually find this cheapest model with occasional discounts. Those after something at the mid-range should go for the Kindle Paperwhite, while the Kindle Oasis is brilliant if you want to spend some more money.

Amazon Kindle deals

Black Friday falls on 29 November this year, and the annual sales bonanza is sure to push the prices of Amazon Kindle ereaders lower than ever before. Amazon loves a discount, and it’s always willing to apply this approach to its own gadgets too – which means you can take advantage.

Head over to our dedicated T3 best Black Friday deals page as the day approaches and while it’s happening: there you should be able to find the best Amazon Kindle deals currently available on the web.

The best Kindle deals today

The best Kindle Oasis deals

The best of the best for the serious reader

There’s a lot to love about the Kindle Oasis, and dedicated ereader fans will appreciate the extra lightness and improved screen lighting. But you’ll definitely pay a premium for this luxury. Have a look at our Kindle Oasis review for more on why this is the future of Amazon’s Kindle range. If you can’t quite stump up the cash, then the Paperwhite and standard models are excellent alternatives.

The best Kindle Paperwhite deals

Super value-for-money

This robust Paperwhite Kindle is the best of its kind yet, and it’s the most cost effective ereader on the market.

Kindle Page Flip enables you to skim through an ebook without losing your place, while the Smart Lookup gives dictionary definitions of words as well as Wikipedia explanations. It’s packed with fantastic features.

Based on performance and design it easily beats rivals like the Kobo Aura, and it now comes with a built-in front light too.

Amazon Kindle

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