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Technical indicators / Morning Doji Star and Evening Doji Star

Morning Doji Star and Evening Doji Star

The Doji Star pattern appears on charts before a trend reversal. A candlestick that appears on the following day usually proves a change in the current trend.

Morning Doji Star

A long black body appears in a downtrend and is followed by the Doji Star. Confirmation on the third day points to a full trend reversal like in the case of the Morning Star pattern. The Morning Doji Star points to a significant change in a particular trend, thus, it is more important than an ordinary Morning Star pattern.

Evening Doji Star

The Evening Doji Star appears in an uptrend. It is followed by a long black body with the close price inside the white body of the first day. This confirms a reversal at the top of an uptrend. The Evening Star has a small body unlike the Evening Doji Star, which has Doji instead of Star that makes it much more important.

How to identify the pattern?

  • The color of the first day’s body indicates the current trend.
  • On the second day, the Doji Star is observed.
  • The color of the third day is opposite to the color of the first day.

Psychology of the pattern

Psychology of the Morning Doji Star and the Evening Doji Star is similar to the one of the Morning Star and the Evening Star. The main difference is that a trend reversal indicated by the Doji Star is much more possible than in case of the ordinary Star patterns.

Flexibility of the pattern

Flexibility of the pattern is determined by how far the third day’s body penetrates into the body of the first day. If the penetration is over 50%, the pattern is likely to be successful.

The Morning Doji Star reduces to the Hammer or Dragonfly Doji.

The Evening Doji Star reduces to the Falling Star and sometimes to the Gravestone Doji.

The closer the reduced pattern is to the Doji, the stronger it is as the third day closes well within the first-day body.

You should not ignore the fact that the pattern starts with the Doji Star.


Top five-star hotels tap into food-delivery to garner revenue

Hotels continue to dish out popular but select dishes from their restaurants in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak prompted the ongoing 21-day nationwide lockdown. Last month, ET reported that revenues of branded Indian hotels are expected to be 10-15% lower in February. Following the lockdown, however, as India’s largest cities shut, revenues are likely to see a sharper dip.

09 Apr, 2020, 04:15AM IST

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With no fresh content, broadcasters rely on old classics, web shows to entertain viewers

Confined to her home during the lockdown, Gwalior-ba.

07 Apr, 2020, 12:41PM IST

Olympics or not, javelin star Neeraj Chopra is ready to conquer

The Tokyo Games may get delayed due to coronavirus, but that doesn’t change t.

18 Mar, 2020, 03:08AM IST

Building muscle power, listening to AR Rahman & hanging out with friends: G Sathiyan shares his cheatsheet to stay healthy

The table tennis star keeps his body, mind and soul in check.

A star-studded evening: Pitt, DiCaprio, Theron, Johansson among 2020 Golden Globes presenters

Ricky Gervais is set to host the annual awards ceremony.

Social media stars show how to make money while you sleep

Hundreds of TikTok users have begun live-streaming themselves overnight, while they sleep. Brian Hector, 18, did it just last week. Thousands of people tuned in. Some even donated to him.

Star Health’s coronavirus insurance policy: No travel history exclusions but low sum assured

The policy, Star Novel Coronavirus, will even cover those with international travel history. However, the sum assured of Rs 42, 000, that the insurance cover offers appears low, especially for someone who might have to be hospitalised.

Starring in ET GBS 2020: Billionaire Blackstone boss, Steve Schwarzman

In what will make Schwarzman’s GBS appearance even more special, the billionaire investor will be in conversation with a leading Indian business leader on how to create winning businesses.

After Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Broadway star Aaron Tveit tests positive for coronavirus

The actor took to social media to share his diagnosis and said he is feeling much better now.

Kanika Kapoor alleges her room is full of mosquitoes; hospital asks her to behave like a patient, not a star

The singer has alleged that she is being treated like a criminal.

‚Lost‘ star Daniel Dae Kim tests positive for COVID-19, shares corona chronicles on Instagram

The actor said he wants his fans to stay safe, calm, and above all, healthy.

‚High School Musical‘ star Vanessa Hudgens apologises for insensitive coronavirus comments after backlash

The actor had previously said, „People are gonna die. Which is terrible“.

Star signs 9 advertisers for IPL 2020; sells inventory worth Rs 900 crore

With less than two months to go for the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League, Star India, the media rights holder for the cricket tournament, has signed up nine sponsors, including Vivo, Coca-Cola India, Amazon, PhonePe, Dream11 and Maruti Suzuki.

When even a rich city like Mumbai is starved of funds

The federal government’s chronic deficits dominate discussions about India’s precarious public finances.

Brought to the brink by coronavirus, airlines seek emergency aid

Already battered shares in British Airways parent IAG , easyJet and Air France-KLM plunged again as they scrapped most flights for the coming weeks, joining other major carriers that are all but halting operations in the face of the pandemic. The travel collapse threatens more bankruptcies in the wake of British carrier Flybe’s failure this month.

Evening Doji-Star – Binare Optionen 2020

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indicator / lib / indicator / auto_gen / cdl_evening_doji_star.rb /

No definitions found in this file.

# Ta-Lib function mapping class
# Description: ‚Evening Doji Star‘
# This file has been autogenerated – Do Not Edit.
class Indicator :: AutoGen :: CdlEveningDojiStar Indicator :: Base
# Penetration
attr_accessor :penetration
def initialize ( * args )
if args . first . is_a? Hash
h = args . first
@penetration = h [ :penetration ] || 3.000000e-1
@penetration = args [ 0 ] || 3.000000e-1
@func = TaLib :: Function . new ( „CDLEVENINGDOJISTAR“ )
# Is price data required as an input
def self . price_input?
# The list of arguments
def self . arguments
[ :penetration ]
# The minimum set of inputs required
def self . inputs
[ :open , :high , :low , :close ]
# The outputs generated by this function
def self . outputs
[ :out_integer ]
def run ( * args )
o , h , l , c , v , len = map_ohlcv ( self . class . inputs , * args )
@func . in_price ( 0 , o , h , l , c , v , nil )
@func . opt_real ( 0 , @penetration )
out_integer = Array . new ( len )
@func . out_int ( 0 , out_integer )
@func . call ( 0 , len – 1 )
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Японцы говорят: всякий раз, когда появляется Доджи, обращайте на это внимание

Сигнал Доджи состоит из одной свечи и является одной из самых значимых фигур среди 13 комбинаций Японских свечей. Он формируется, когда открытие и закрытие японской свечи происходят на одном уровне или очень близки к одному уровню на определенном таймфрейме. Это создает крестообразное образование. Как показано на следующем рисунке, горизонтальная линия представляет собой цены открытия и закрытия свечи на одном уровне, а вертикальная линия представляет общий торговый диапазон за это время.

Критерии правильного Дожи

  1. Цены открытия и закрытия одинаковые или почти одинаковые
  2. Тени свечи не должны быть чрезмерно длинными

Классический Дожи часто еще называют Звезда Дожи, как понятно из-за его визуального сходства со звездой.

Как видите, дожи встречаются на графике достаточно часто, иногда они расположены по несколько штук подряд. Скоро вы узнаете, о чем говорят дожи на графике и поймете, почему так бывает.

Доджи — свеча разворота

  1. Важным правилом последователей анализа Японских свечей является то, что, когда Дожи (она же Звезда Доджи) появляется на вершинах восходящих трендов, в области перекупленности, это сигнал разворота и следует начинать продавать
  2. А Доджи, сформированный внизу нисходящего тренда, в области перепроданности, говорит о возможном начале покупок

Увидев свечи Дожи на Форекс в условиях перекупленности или перепроданности, (их можно определить с использованием индикаторов, таких как Стохастик), становится чрезвычайно высокой вероятность разворота. Когда появляется Дожи, он показывает, что в крайней части тенденции наблюдается нерешительность. Эта нерешительность и служит основанием полагать, что текущий тренд завершается. Добавьте сюда анализ сильных уровней поддержки и сопротивления и вот вам готовая торговая стратегия!

Также читайте об областях перекупленности, перепроданности и индикаторе Стохастик здесь.

Усиление свечей Дожи

1. Гэп от закрытия предыдущей свечи для более сильного разворота
2. Большой объем при формировании Доджи увеличивает вероятность разворота
3. Звезда Дожи более эффективна и потенциально прибыльна, когда сформирована после длинной свечи

Обязательно читайте и о видах Дожи:

Чтобы вы не терялись и точно понимали, какой сигнал является дожи, а какой нет, знать это необходимо!

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