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How to buy Coca Cola Company shares

Like most of us, you have probably imagined buying shares of a company that skyrockets in a couple of years in value, making you enough money to travel and chill for the rest of your life. Maybe even Coca Cola Company was among your top picks for buying its shares, or it will be. In reality, investing is a bit more complex than waiting for the birds flying into your mouth ready roasted, but hey, you have to start somewhere right?

The good news is that unlike back in the days, today you can buy shares in companies like Coca Cola Company fully online.

While we do not specifically advise to buy Coca Cola Company shares, this article explains in layman’s terms how you can buy shares in companies in general, taking Coca Cola Company as an example. Whether your first share to buy should be Coca Cola Company or not it’s for you to decide. We strongly suggest to contact investment advisors as this article is not meant to be investment advice under any circumstance.

How to buy Coca Cola Company shares
Overview of Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company is a US Consumer Defensive company, traded on the NYSE under the KO ticker. It’s valued at $193.6 billion and it is the most famous soft drink manufacturer company. If you’d like to buy its stocks you need to find a broker that gives you access to the NYSE because that’s the main exchange it’s traded on (hang tight, we’ll get into this in a bit). Coca Cola Company’s market cap was around $193.6 billion at the time of writing, which is March 2020.

All of this doesn’t mean that Coca Cola Company is a good company or a bad one. As part of this example you might want to get reminded of what you are considering investing in though.

Let’s see the steps now!

How to buy Coca Cola Company shares
Steps of buying Coca Cola Company shares

Okay so for your own reasons you have decided you’d like to buy Coca Cola Company. That’s a good start. Let’s see what lies ahead of you before you can officially state that you are a shareholder of Coca Cola Company! The process is rather similar for any company shares and again, we only take Coca Cola Company as an example.

Step 1: find a good online broker

One of the characteristics of an online broker is the exchanges they have access to. Not all brokers allow you to buy shares of Coca Cola Company, simply because they don’t have access to the NYSE. Needless to say, you need a broker that gives you access to this exchange.
The next important thing with a broker is that it should fit you as well. Not all brokers allow every citizen to open an account with them; some brokers are super expensive if you just want to buy a couple of Coca Cola Company shares every once in a while, some brokers can be absolutely free. You can actually get great recommendations on choosing the right broker using our questionnaire:

When recommending a broker, we take into account different factors, like the broker’s fees, trading platform, accessible markets to trade, and how easy it is to open an account. Safety is also highly important, but since we recommend only safe brokers, you do not have to worry about it.

Step 2: open your brokerage account

After finding your online broker, you need to open an account. This is much like a regular bank account and opening one is usually a fully online process. At some brokers it’s as quick as opening a new Gmail account, at some brokers it takes a couple of days until they do some background check on you. Instead of storing money on it you will store your shares on this though, so you definitely need this to buy Coca Cola Company shares and to store them.

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
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Step 3: deposit money to your account

You will pay cash to buy those Coca Cola Company stocks. This cash first needs to be sent (deposited) to your broker. This is usually super easy and quick, actually even easier than opening your brokerage account.
The most common way you can deposit your money is bank transfer and using credit/debit card. At some brokers, you can deposit to your investment account even from different electronic wallets like Paypal, e.g. at eToro.

Step 4: buy the Coca Cola Company share

You have the account, the cash, and the share target. The last step is to press the buy button! You log in to your online brokerage, search for Coca Cola Company share, insert the number of shares you wish to buy, and click buy, which will initiate the purchase of shares (in trading lingo: execute the buy order).

A couple of hints around this: when placing an order, you can choose from different order types. The market order buys at the actual market price, while the limit order allows you to specify the exact price at which you want to buy the share.

Step 5: review your Coca Cola Company position regularly

You are not finished after you purchased your Coca Cola Company stock. Now it is key to monitor your investments. This basically means following your investment strategy. If you bought the Coca Cola Company share for holding it for a longer term, you might participate in the annual meeting and collect all the news and information about the company.

If you plan to sell it shortly after you see some increase in the price, you might use different position management tools. E.g. you can set the target price at which you want to sell the share with a profit, or use the stop-loss to set a price at which you want to sell the share to avoid further losses.

Now that you have mastered the 5 steps of buying shares, take a moment to look at the top 5 brokers we have selected for you.

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Прогноз для трейдеров бинарных опционов на ации Coca Cola

Уже на этой неделе компания Coca-Cola обнародует отчетность за четвертый квартал, которую с нетерпением ожидают многие участники рынка, в том числе и трейдеры, которые инвестируют в бинарные опционы, используя акции этой известной компании, как базовый торговый актив.

Результаты предыдущих трех кварталов сложно назвать сильными. По результатам третьего квартала компания сообщила о падении прибыли на 14%, заработав 2.1 миллиарда долларов, хотя выручка осталась на том же уровне, что и ранее – 12 миллиардов долларов. Ценные бумаги Coca-Cola демонстрируют скромный рост, по итогам года они прибавили 8%, при том, что S&P500 поднялся на 20%.

За первые 3 квартала компания получила выручку в 35.1 миллиардов долларов. Это на 2.5% меньше, чем за такой же период в 2020 году. В 6.3 миллиарда долларов оценивается показатель чистой прибыли.

Однако с учетом того, что продукция Coca-Cola, в первую очередь, предназначена для потребительского сегмента, а в США он показывает хороший рост, не исключено, что в четвертом квартале показатели улучшатся.

60% доходов обеспечиваются американским рынком, демонстрирующим уверенный рост. В последние три месяца выручка может увеличиться на 4-4.5% до 11.5 миллиардов долларов, а чистая прибыль вырасти до 2.25 миллиардов (+35%).

Ожидается, что за год компания сумеет выручить 46.6 миллиарда долларов, то есть на 0.5% меньше, чем годом ранее. Правда, чистая прибыль останется на таком же уровне – 8.5 миллиарда.

В качестве отрицательных факторов для Coca-Cola по-прежнему выступает себестоимость продукции, остающаяся достаточно высокой. В первую очередь, повышенная себестоимость обуславливается необходимостью держать обширный штат. При этом производительность труда остается на низком уровне, всего 300 тысяч долларов на одного работника. Для сравнения, у Apple этот показатель находится на уровне 2.3 миллиона долларов на каждого сотрудника.

К позитивным факторам относятся низкий уровень безработицы в США и рост потребительских расходов в Китае. Эти два обстоятельства помогут акциям на бирже.

Стабильным рост стоимости ценных бумаг не будет, так как компания итак оценивается достаточно высоко. В целом, перспективы Coca-Cola выглядят достаточно неплохо, особенно с учетом того, что данные за четвертый квартал должны оказаться сильными. Акции можно покупать для краткосрочных сделок в бинарных опционах на срок не более трех месяцев.

Creating and sharing value

Our business model is at the heart of everything we do. It defines the activities in which we take part, the relationships on which we depend and what we want to achieve in order to create value for all our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term.

Our resources

It starts with our resources. We manage the resources available to our business carefully:

  • Human: our people
  • Natural: water, energy and other natural resources
  • Social and relationship: including our reputation and our ability to earn and maintain the trust of key stakeholders
  • Financial: all funds, whether obtained through financing or generated from operations or investments
  • Intellectual: including our brands and brands we license as well as proprietary technology, standards, licences and processes
  • Manufactured: equipment and buildings
  • 2.3bn unit cases of beverages sold in 2020
  • 615m consumers reached in 2020

We add value by

Working with our partner The Coca‑Cola Company.

Serving our customers effectively so they can satisfy consumers‘ refreshment needs.

Meeting consumers‘ evolving preferences and operating a sustainable, responsible business in the communities where we work.

Working with suppliers, so we can focus on what we do best.

And manufacturing cost efficiently, helping us to produce products responsibly and contributing to our profitability.

  • 28,884 people employed directly by Coca‑Cola HBC
  • 81.3% share of satisfied customers increased by 2.5pp in 2020
  • €487.5m net profit in 2020

Sharing value

By running a profitable, sustainable, responsible business, we create value which is subsequently both retained by our business, making it stronger, and shared with all of our stakeholders.

  • Employees: developing, recognising and rewarding our people secures a skilled and motivated workforce
  • Customers: producing products efficiently and responsibly builds value for our customers’ businesses
  • Shareholders: by managing all inputs to our business well, we create profits which benefit shareholders through dividend payments and share value
  • Suppliers: as we create value, we support businesses throughout our value chain and job creation beyond our business
  • Communities: when our business is profitable, sustainable and responsible, the communities where we operate benefit through job creation, tax payments to governments, useful products and services, and minimisation of environmental impact. We also have a commitment to invest 2 percent of our pre‑tax profits in programmes to support communities in our territory.
  • €313m total taxes paid in 2020
  • €3,138m supplier spend in 2020

The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

Previous Close 47.82
Open 48.44
Bid 48.79 x 900
Ask 49.39 x 1300
Day’s Range 48.35 – 49.73
52 Week Range 36.27 – 60.13
Volume 18,760,877
Avg. Volume 20,562,756
Market Cap 210.377B
Beta (5Y Monthly) 0.60
PE Ratio (TTM) 23.67
EPS (TTM) 2.07
Earnings Date Apr 20, 2020
Forward Dividend & Yield 1.64 (3.35%)
Ex-Dividend Date Mar 12, 2020
1y Target Est 54.00
Fair Value

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